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by Jordan Culberson

It's been a whirlwind of a fall. Looking ahead to the future, and the many exciting things that lay ahead. I took two trips to Seattle this fall, that city has stuck with me. The weather, the ruggedness, now that's a city of once pioneers. People are nice. People are smart. Oh, and the food! What a scene. Twice is not enough.

Hierarchy Opening 2.8.14

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Hierarchy, the newest project from No Kings Collective, opens next week in collaboration with the Popal family, owners of Napoleon Bistro, Malmaison and Cafe Bonaparte in DC. The chameleon space will be used as a special exhibition venue featuring monthly artist exhibitions + take overs along with weekly cultural programming. Possibilities are endless and awesome. Check out the grand opening Saturday, February 8th with lauded local artists Cory Oberndorfer, known for his Americana pop-ish delights and DECOY, street artist turn educator and advocate. For more information:

For those unfamiliar with No Kings Collective, they are an uncompromising force of collaboration, energy and thoughtfulness in the DC artist community. With an amazing ability to draw artists together and expose new faces to the arts in the process, they are a huge asset for this city.

*I'm 100% biased having known NKC for years. Still, they are awesome. You should come.



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ART: Underground London, or underground any city, for that matter. The New York Times explores the depths London; pop-ups, restaurants and institutions, reclaiming what unclaimed pieces of urban dwelling are left.  Link.

ART: 15 Street Artists to Watch in 2014: Complex Magazine. Most interesting, nods for several participants of Jeffrey Deitch’s Women on the Walls. Link.

DESIGN: DC's first shipping container restaurant, El Rey, a taqueria owned by the Eric and Ian Hilton; opened this past week, giving our nation's capitol a whole new meaning of using reclaimed materials in restaurant design. The Washington Post has a nice timeline recap of the building from infancy to roll out. Link.

ART: Holland Carter's conversation on the art world now vs. the "art" world now in the Sunday New York Times. Link.